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Google has Officially made the QuickOffice for iPad free of cost for its customers. Google also stated that free version of QuickOffice for Android and iPhone will be coming soon.

quickoffice for ipad

If you have happened to use office-based apps  you probably know that there are lots of different Office based app in App Stores for mobile devices, But as I feel so many would agree that The QuickOffice standout. It is more powerful and stable and user friendly having the abilities and capabilities to edit documents and provide a  huge range of tools to create documents or edit them or make presentations. Anyway this app lets you open up any office files you got lurking on Google Drive, right from your iPad, or other device.

Fortunately, Google who recently bought QuickOffice wants to make it easier for mobile users to convert Office files or do other jobs right from their devices without the need of converting the files formats. In pursuit of Google' Aim to make possible“more document conversion and mobile editing improvements” at some point next year, Google is offering QuickOffice for iPad for free and The iPhone and Android versions are currently under development and will be launching soon.

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