As, we know that in the society there are not many people who use MAC OS or who have Apple laptop. A large number of people or in other words you can say that two third of the people use Windows and other OS on their systems.

Many developers and Android users prefer to use Microsft Windows, Linux or rather than MAC OS. But there are a few who have MAC OS running on their systems. Because those few people are the one who are fully aware of the capabilities of the MAC. And if once you get to know them you can just leave them.

That’s why those are the people who prefer to use the MAC. So, for those people there is something this time. If you are a MAC user and you are also an owner of Android Device than you can wire lessly control that MAC from your Android Smartphone or Smart device.

Mac remote is the app, all you need. You can download this app from the link given below.

This app comes up with some brilliant and exciting features. With this app you can use your Android phone as a remote. You are in bed and want to watch movie on your MAC just operate your Mac right from your bed and watch movies. Want to view your pictures on your MAC just open Mac remote on your Android Smartphone and view them on your Mac. Want to organize your stuff on iTunes just operate your Mac from your Android Smartphone.

This app is very simple to use and it’s quite user friendly as well. A Few things which you should make sure are, that your Mac and Android phone should be connected to the same Wifi and you should know the IP Address of your MAC. This app works on Android 2.3 and higher versions.

With the help of it you can control VLC player, iTunes, MX player, iPhoto, Spotify, quick time and many other things beside these as well. Aren’t is quite exciting. So , if you are an Android user as well as the owner of a MAC then this is just a prefect app for people like you’re.

Now what are you waiting for grab up your devices and download it from here.

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