Verizon has re-locked the Galaxy Note II through Bootloader. This problem can be solved wasily bu using a new exploit with a little update for the user-friendly CASUAL tool.

If you have Unlocked Galaxy Note II, Then you will become sad to know that Verizon has a new bootloader last week and re-locked The Galaxy Note II. This bootloader really made the users disappointed but now a solution is available. The issue can be solved easily through a new exploit with a little update for the User-Friendly CASUAL tool.

The Developer Ralekdev discovered this new exploit. The exploit that gets around Verizon’s Patch is different from this new exploit completely. For Windows and Linux, CASUAL is a user-friendly tool. On Linux Casual tool will auto-flash the exploit but if the Windows Users want to apply this, then have to resort to Odin. The process is easy one. The Galaxy Note II will get into Recovery mode after few reboots, from where you can easily make backups and the device will be flashed. It is pretty much easy task.

Some updates have been received by the Casual itself. These updates have provided user-friendly process for rooting the Android Devices. For example Droid RAZR and the Galaxy Note II as well. The updates include

Built-in kill switch

This Built-in-kill switch is helpful in many circumstances.

Automatic Updating Bundle

Automatic Updating is both for Scripts an Application itself. Users should attempt to run old version of a script. It is automatically updated to new version when you do some work on the device.

If you unlock Samsung’s Phablet, this friendly tool will not cause any warm to the device. If you customize your software then your warranty will become void. After this solution of unlocking the Galaxy Note II, The Verizon will not stop patching the toolbar again. This is going to be a game among all.

It does not matter whether you are Linux or Windows users, You can easily download the data you need to unlock Galaxy Note II. Everything is available online so there is not any difficulty regarding this. There is a disappointment for Mac users because this release does not support for Mac.

So if you are Linux and Windows users, then install the latest Version after downloading.