unbrick nokia lumia 920

Easiest How To Guide And  step by step Instruction for How To fix bricked Nokia Lumia 920 By Flashing New Firmware. Also Download NaviFirmPlus and Download and install Nokia Care Suit.

How To Unbrick Nokia Lumia 920 , It is a question people are asking each other who have bought Nokia Lumia 920  because after you have any phone you just want to Free it from all its limits and want to do whatever most you can do with it. Anyway here is An Easiest guide telling you step by step that How To Unbrick Nokia Lumia 920. 

To Unbrick Nokia  Lumia 920 You will be needing these Software and Tools. Make sure you have acquired everything you need to Unbrick Your Nokia Lumia 920.

  1. At First Download NaviFirmPlus
  2. Then Download and install Nokia Care Suite
  • How To Unbrick Nokia Lumia 920 Step by Step Guide -

  • Step One = Extract  NaviFirmPlus
  • Run the .EXE file From the Archive.
  • Open NaviFirmPlus , Look For  “Nokia Lumia 920 (RM-820)” in the “Products” column. Then Proceed.
  • Select First option under “Releases” (the one that ends in 1001).
  • Select the correct variant, (in Variant Section) Choose the right one.
  • Now Click on “Mark All” button at the top-right corner.
  • Choose the destination folder where you want the firmware to be downloaded by hitting the Select  “Browse” Choose the destination folder and  click “Download”.
  • After Completion of download , Open its location, and in the “Packages” folder, create a new one named “Products”.
  • In Products, Create another new folder and name it rm-820”.
  • Open NaviFirmPlus folder extracted in Step One. Find a subfolder  “FW”.
  • Copy this folder, and paste its contents to the rm-820 folder.
  • Open Nikia Suite and Launch “Product Support Tool” from within the suite.
  • Go to “Product” under the “File” section.
  • Choose  “RM-820 (Nokia Lumia 920)” as the primary product.
  • Click on  “Programming”, Button 
  • When you will click on  “Start” button it will give you a failure message. Don't Worry About it , Leave it There.
  • Connect your Nokia Lumia 920 to  PC Using USB port.
  • Click on “Retry” on the Suite’s failure message While holding down the power and volume down buttons on your phone.
  • Your phone will Vibrate, Release the buttons.
  • Hold the volume up button for another 20 seconds, or until you see an indication that the flashing process is started.


Follow these Instructions Carefully and You Will be able to Unbrick Nokia Lumia 920 By Flashing New Firmware Without any trouble.

Leave your comment if you have any difficulty navigating or understanding the process or have any issue during the unbrick process.

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