Now Microsoft surface users had a great opportunity to stick with Facebook without getting annoyed by unnecessary ads.

 After the introduction of Google + and its gaining popularity people are switching towards it keeping behind their Facebook accounts. People prefer to avoid Facebook and go to Google +.

This transition is majorly due to the unnecessary ads that pop on or appear on Facebook. Google + offers less botheration to users than Facebook.

In order to remain into the business Microsoft has come up with a solution and it was initially tested on Microsoft Surface powered by Microsoft Windows 8 or Windows RT provided with Internet explorer 10.


Step 1: Download and extract the zip attachment. From Here

Step 2: Open

Step 3: Go to internet options > general > accessibility > check “format documents using my style sheet”

Step 4: Select browse, go to and select the previously downloaded.css.

Step 5: Tap ok, and then ok again.

This will not block the ads permanently to your Microsoft Surface but it will surely hide the ads. This means that your cache will be used and your java script will be running for those ads.

Despite this you might have avoided some hazard.