How to Open YourTube in Pakistan

How to Open YouTube in Pakistan or other location where it's banned/blocked with Maximum Speed and without any Buffering Delays.Simplest and Easiest Way

Since PTA ( Pakistan Telecommunication Authority ) has Banned/Blocked In Pakistan due to some extremely controversial videos along with a couple of other countries and several cities around the globe, People have been asking and trying to find a solution that how to open YouTube in Pakistan or other location where it is banned or prohibited.


First of all, I must express my opinion along with million of people around the world especially Muslims that YouTube is being inconsiderate. If there are some videos which have managed to hurt and provoked and made more 2 billion people go violent in the pursuit of having it removed or taken down off internet including YouTube and other popular social networks Like Facebook  then why YouTube is not collaborating and feeding half of the world's population its privacy and rights policies crap. Those Videos Must be removed as soon as possible and until they are not YouTube Should be kept Banned and those who just want to open it and watch videos I suggest they should open it using this method or some other instead of making efforts and striving for its reinstatement.

Check Out this image to see in which regions and countries YouTube is either banned or closed right now or was before.

Anyway that is long discussion and this post it not on that topic also.
 For those who have been looking for some easy way instead of download creepy proxy hider/changer software which most of the time are fake or even worse a viruses or Malwares.

Today I am going to share a quite unique technique with you , which will enable you to open YouTube from where ever you want ( PCs, Laptops,Phones,Tablets or other devices like PS3, XBOX 360 or Smart TVs). Not only you can open YouTube , but you will access it with full speed of your internet unlike proxy software which slow down , buffering or sometimes does not play videos at all.

SO  bottom line is (which actually is in the middle) that You can open Youtube From where ever you want utilizing full speed of your internet connection with even using a software of some kind.

I found a website ( did not find it myself, a friend of mine told me about it actually. but i think i can take total credit as he owes me some money he borrowed a while ago) Which takes you to the YOUTUBE.COM directly where you can search your videos and watch them as long as you want with maximum speed you connection provides.

So here is the process , explained in a simplest way with the help of illustrated pictures and screenshots.

For Those who do not want to read what I wrote above and are more interested in just knowing How to Open YouTube, those can ready directly from here.

Open you browser/Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome, which ever one you use.

Go to a website

There you will find a link saying YOUTUBE , See the image

open youtube in pakistan

Click on the link and you will straightly be taken to

download youtube videos in pakistan

The URL is different from the regular YouTube URL and that is the key behind all this because you are using YouTube through

youtube banned

Anyway, You can select you country preference if you want to other wise just type in you queries into the search bar and hit enter. click on the videos and watch them and enjoy. (See the image below)

One tip to be noted always click on the THUMBNAIL Picture of the video so will load up right away without any errors. if you click on the title of the video or somewhere else the you might get an error saying " URL NOT FOUND" or Can Not Find Server( varies on different browsers).

That's it. Simple and Easy. Enjoy Your Videos and leave comments also let us know if you have any difficulty with watch videos on YouTube this way.