Making a recovery disc is actually very important thing for Windows users. It is a tool which helps users to refresh or renew their Windows in case it is all messed up and being very slow, without formatting any disk which saves important data. So today I’m writing this article on How to make recovery disk for Windows 8.

As there isn’t much time passed after Windows 8 is released and is quite new to people to, there are many advanced functions of Windows 8 which still usually are unknown usually to users. As, making recovery disk, which contains all the information and help users to troubleshoot and have an open built-in it is quite easy process. All you need to do is to follow some easy steps which are as follows:

Steps Involving In Creation Of Recovery Disk For Windows 8:

Step 1: To proceed to first have to open Windows 8 File Recovery. In order to do so open Windows Search Bar by pressing Windows Button+Q, write Windows 8 File Recovery in the search bar and hit Enter to open Recovery file.

Step 2: Look for an option which says Create a System Repair Disc in the menu and click it, it will open a pop-up Dialog to create Recovery Disk.

Step 3: Choose CD/DVD drive from the Dialog and insert a blank CD/DVD into PC and hit the button which says Create Disk. Windows will start burning your disc and once it is done you will have successful made a Recovery Disk for Windows 8.

Well, if you have followed all these step you have successfully made a Recovery Disk, but note that if you have made disk using 32-bit Windows it won’t work on 64-bit version and similarly recovery disc of Win 7/Win Vista won’t work for Windows 8.