As we know that Installous App for download and Installing free cracked iOS apps is has been shutdown for a while and now people are looking for alternative ways for installing free Apps. We’ve already posted How To tutorials on three alternatives of installing cracked Apps on iOS including AppCake, AppVV and through iFunBox.

However, you can install cracked apps through these methods but none of them is as efficient and as easy as Installous used to be but things never stop. Whenever one source is closed, people always find another way and so is the case with Installous.

The former Installous App has been replaced by Zeusmos. Yes, this is what you need to install on your iPhone for installing cracked Apps. This App is simple to use and as reliable downloads as it used to be in Installous, it just feels like someone has changed name and theme of our beloved former App.

How To Get Zeusmos On Your iPhone:

procedure of installing this App is pretty easy. It is all just a little Cydia game, requiring you to follow few simple steps for it’s installation. Follow below mentioned steps to enjoy free Apps on your iPhone: (Note that your iPhone/iPod/iPad should  be jailbreak before)

Step 1: Open Cydia.

Step 2: Tap Manage Button, there you’ll find sources, tap it.

Step 3: Hit Edit on the top right corner of the screen, then hit Add button or the top left.

Step 4: A pop-up screen will appear now, write this URL in the URL bar and tap on Add Source button. It will install iHacks Repo in your Cydia.

Step 5: Now the repo is installed on your Cydia. Open iHacks Repo, search for Zeusmos and install it. Cydia will install the repo and it will Appear on your SpringBoard (Screen Menu).

Here, its all done enjoy downloading free Apps on your iPhone once again. In case you encounter any problem feel free to comment below.