hide iphone apps

You Can Hide Any App in iPhone,iPad or iPod  Without going through the trouble of Jailbreaking your device. Just Follow the instructions from our 6 steps easy guide

The reason why this method is better then the other, is you neither require a Jailbroken iPhone or iPod nor you rely on some sort of tweak or app for this. Let's just get to the point without wasting any time . Follow these Six Steps given below properly and Hide any app from you iPhone or iPad Screen.

Step 1: Make a Folder. Put the App you want to hide in it. Then Place this Folder to the 3rd Page of your Homescreen. (If you want to hide mulitiple apps then put all those apps in the folder)

Step 2: Now, Place the Newsstand folder on the second page of the Home screen.

Step 3: The Third Step is to put the Folder in Newsstand.

Use the Newsstand glitch.(To do this be on the third page of your Homescreen, The tap Home button and immediately tap and hold on the Folder you want to hide. When screen goes to the first page, immediately swipe to the second page where the Newsstand is placed. If your device is in the wiggle mode then you did it right otherwise try again. Now Click on the Newsstand folder, and press the Home button. The folder containing the apps that you would like to hide should now appear in the Newsstand folder. )

Step 4: Now just Reboot  or Respring The device.

Step 5:  Go to Newsstand folder. The folder containing the apps won't be there or anywhere else on the Homescreen. It is Hidden.

Step 6: To recover your hidden apps, simply reboot your device, or run the Respring glitch for a second time.

However hiding apps does not mean that you can not access or use them the will work just fine even they are hidden its is just no one can see them. to Open then Run a search in Spotlight search. And access the App from there.


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