facebook for ipad

Follow the instruction to run the Facebook Messenger on your iPad in its native resolution. Usually when you run Facebook messenger on iPad it is the iPhone version. Below are a few step which provide you the information that how to make it iPad version.




facebook messenger for tablet

To get started you have to follow this simple guide that will only work on devices with Jailbreak. So, if you don't have a jailbroken device or have a device which can not be jailbroken then that's a shame.


  1. Download iFile ( from any repo u like )
  2. Run iFile and Click on Applications.
  3. Now, Open the folder Messenger.
  4. Open the folder where you will find the file info.plist Messenger.app corresponding to the Facebook Messenger.
  5. Plug on the info.plist file and then on Text Viewer.

    6.Find the string or code below



<key> UIDeviceFamily </ key>

<integer> 1 </ integer>


     7.Replace the number 1  with 2 .

     8.Now in the Last step just Respring your iPad

This method works all the time although you may face some difficulties while using app in in portrait mode, However the landscape does not have any bugs and works perfectly fine.
if you have any problem or can not set it up, Just let us know by leaving your comments.