Everything has some features which gives it a plus point over the other, which don’t have it. So, like Android there are some wallpapers which were not a part of iOS especially the nexus live wallpaper. Nexus live wallpaper was especially liked by the users because it gives a colorful and entirely different sort of platform.

Live wallpapers were not a part of iOS, because of the restrictions. But as you know that the jailbreak is such a mod which open a whole new world for the idevice users. With the help of it you can avail any sort of thing, which you could have never achieved without it on regular iOS.

Recently the Porkholt Labs have developed a week named live wallpaper , which enables you to use Nexus live wallpaper, beside any sort of other live wallpaper. This simple and small tweak give you somewhat fabulous features.

The most exciting feature of it is that you can adjust the Nexus live wallpaper. You can modify it to your own will. You can increase or decrease the number of strips, you can increase or decrease the strip length, you can change the velocity of the strip , you can control  tanspiracy of strips, even though you can change the color of strips as well.

As we know that live wallpaper consumes the battery more than a simple wallpaper. But , as it is said nothing is greater than fondness. If you are really fond of live wallpaper and you don’t really care about battery life, than its made just for people like and you should have this tweek.

This wonderful is tweek is available for all i devices users. You can use it for your iPhone , iPad or iPod. This tweek is available to download absolutely free and you can enjoy a large number of free wallpapers with the help of this. But if want the Nexus live wallpaper on this you have to purchase that add on .That add-on costs you 0.99 $.

Do, let you about your live wallpaper experience in the comments. Especially tell us about the battery consumption of Nexus live wallpaper and other wallpaper on iOS.

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