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The XDA-Developers member felixchris has got the fix for  Samsung Galaxy S III i9300,Wi-Fi roaming and other Wi-fi issues.Find Out How to Do Fix it

Samsung Galaxy S3 has one of the best and latest hardware or software improvements among all competitive Cellphone models but still as everything it does have a flaw too. In Samsung Galaxy S III i9300, Wi-Fi roaming bugs have troubled many users. Ever since it had wi-fi connectivity issue, developers were working on the solution and as of now The XDA-Developers member felixchris has got the fix.

how to fix wifi

According to the Developer, if the signal strength increases when getting closer to AP2, but then the Wi-Fi icon disappears and reappears, then you’re indeed a victim of  the Galaxy S III bug, But do not worry as this little fix will help you resolve it very quickly and effectively.

There are two ways to fix your samsung galaxy s3 wifi issues.The first on is the long but quite effective, It doesn't  even require you to boot a custom recovery, whereas the Second methods involves booting a custom recovery.

Its totally up to you which method you choose and apply, both are as effective as one another in fixing Wi-Fi roaming bug.

Go to the XDA-Developers. and Take simple and easy steps to fix the Wi-fi roaming issues with your Galaxy S III. Leave us Comment and let us know if you need any further information. You can also check out and consult from the  the original thread of XDA-Developers.

(Source: XDA-Developers)