WiFi Issue 40065 aka “Android 4.2 WiFi drops connection on  Nexus 4 and Nexus 7“ has bothered hundreds of people. Download Zip File attachment and Fix it. Threads are hot with discussion of this Issue 40065 but  Google still hasn’t acknowledged any issues with Android 4.2/4.2.1 that affect WiFi on Nexus devices.


Many users claimed to have had Wi-Fi connectivity issues when Screen goes off, with their Nexus 4 device running on Android Jelly Bean 4.2. Whenever phone is idle and display goes off after a 1 or 2 minutes, Wi-fi connection gets lost or stuck and receiving bytes stops.This problem has specifically appeared in Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 not the other models of Nexus Series including the  Galaxy Nexus, and an Atrix As users of this devices were totally snubbed to the WiFi connectivity issue.

If you are facing delays such as your Gmail notifications are taking long to show up while your phone is in idle mode and and apps are running in the Background or Maybe the WiFi indicator on your Nexus device was turned gray and right after a few seconds when you turn your screen on it turns blue again. If you are too having these problem then you are not alone but in one of thousand who also seem to be having such a annoying WiFi connectivity issue with their Nexus devices.


Sometimes people aren’t sure if such a problem persist in their nexus  Device because one moment it seem to be working just fine but then it is present, So In order to make sure that you have this problem too and before applying the Fix, just ping your phone from another device that is also connected to the same network.

  •  Just Turn the screen on
  • ping the phone
  • you will get a response
  • Now Turn the screen off
  •  Try to ping the phone again  after waiting a couple of minutes
  • And this time you will get a timeout

BGNLEY @ XDA developers that is also the Source of this post, have come up with this fix, Just apply it and you will no longer have Wifi connectivity issue with you Nexus 4. He used CWM zip files to make changing the ini file. Here are these Installable Zip Files. Download them and attach them to your Nexus Device.



These all 3 files worked fine with my Nexus 4 using CWM Make a CWM backup before Apply Fix. You can download and use anyof these. However the McastBcastFilter to 0 is recommended as it allows the phone to listen for multicast traffic while asleep.

File Type: zip n4-wifi-sleepfix-restore-original.zip – This restores the ini file to the original one from stock 4.2.1 JOP40D.
File Type: zip n4-wifi-sleepfix-mcast_and_bcast.zip -  This allows the phone to hear multicast and broadcast traffic during sleep.
File Type: zip n4-wifi-sleepfix-bcast_only.zip – This allows the phone to hear broadcast traffic during sleep, but not multicast.