The Cydia Tweak Zeppelin is replace the original carrier logo with your own or favorites logos. To Download Zeppelin go to Cydia and search Zeppelin which is found in “” repo, This repo is already installed in Cydia when you jailbreak your iOS Device. When you download Zeppelin you will got default logos like Batman, Apple, beats by dre, infinite etc. If you want to add more logos, you can find in Cydia Addons (Zeppelin) section


This is opportunity who think always step forward and create their own Zeppelin logos. They will be happy to hear this is possible indeed. Create your own logo is much easy then you think. you will complete guide how to create your own logo from

How to create your own Zeppelin logo

Note: Please make sure that you have install free Zeppelin Cydia Tweak in your iPhone, iPod or iPad before you start with this tutorial.

  • Step 1:- First step to make your own Zeppelin log, you need to find photo edit software to edit your logos. Photoshop (which i use this software through out this tutorial) is the best photo edited software. You can download Photoshop trial from here or download Photoshop alternative called GIMP here
  • Step 2:- When you download and install photo editing software in you computer, Now you can start creating your own Zeppelin logo. You need to understand how the Zeppelin logo format works before start editing on right way. In any Zeppelin logo, there are 9 different images. Essentially these 8 different images correspond to how the logo is going to look under different circumstances.

screen 4

The 8 Different name images are as following:

  1. black.png
  2. black@2x.png
  3. etched.png
  4. etched@2x.png
  5. silver-alt1.png
  6. silver.png
  7. silver@2x-alt1.png
  8. silver@2x.png

In this tutorial we are going to make 2 sets of images. One set of images are for Retina display devices (corresponding to images with a @2x extension) and the other is Pre-Retina display (corresponding to images with no @2x extension). One thing is important and keep in your mind that @2x extension is 50% larger then no @2x extension.

  • Step 3:-  Now you know  how to understand Zeppelin logo format works after that you need to know more small information start creating Zeppelin logo. You need to know what are the dimensions for Zeppelin Logo?
    Here are the dimensions below:

    • Images without @2x extension: 20px by 2opx
    • Images with @2x extension: 40px by 40px

    Tip: You can change the width from 40px to 100px but the height must me 40px.

  • Step 4:- Now knowledge how to create Zeppelin

 Zeppelin Resource pack: If you want to make you own Zeppelin Logo quick and easy then no issue, provide you resource with two sets of itechbook Zepplin logo and two samples  of PSD files which help you better and easy. To download itechbook Zeppelin Resource click here

  • Step 5: After completed your Zeppelin logo you should have total 8 images, 4 images with 2x extension with different names and 4 images without 2x extension with different names and 50% smaller then 2x extension images. All logos are saved in your logo’s corresponding folder.
  • Step 6: The next time you will  do is, download system file editor like iExplorer for your Windows and Mac OS X computer that you can transfer your own created Zeppelin logo to iPhone, iPad & iPod
  • Step 7: When you downloaded and install iExplorer in you computer you need you to navigate to the following directory:


screen 1

  • Step 8: When you are in Zeppelin directory, you need to simply transfer you own created logo to Zeppelin folder as shown above.

screen 2Once you have done with transfer you own Zeppelin logo you Zeppelin directory, now go to your app.Settings, search for Zeppelin tab and go into the Zeppelin and select Them tab where you can see your custom logos there


Last Tip: If you are not seeing your custom logo in this list then respring your IOS device, If still not see your logo the check the images, may be you did mistake while saving you 8 images.

Congratulations!! You have created your custom Zeppelin logo, If any further detail please write in comments.