iphone, ipad and mac wireless connection

Managing iphone,ipad is not as simple as to manage any android device. If you want to copy some content from your iphone to your Mac or from your Mac to your iphone you have to use itunes for all this.

iTunes is a user friendly software but it takes sometime because all your files are first processed in it and then you can proceed forward. But there are sometimes when you are in hurry and you don’t have much time for all this. So you want to transfer your data immediately.

We are now giving you a way by which you don’t need to sync with itunes to transfer videos. It’s such a way in which you can transfer files immediately and instantly without wasting much time.

Movieshare is a free mac and iOS app. It is available in Mac and iOS markets without any cost. That not only allows you to transfer videos from Mac to Mac but it also allows you to transfer apps from Mac to any iOS device. As you will use Movieshare free version so you will be able to transfer MP4 and M4A video files.

Note ( you can download movieshare for your Mac and iOS device through the link given at the end )

  • Download and Install Movieshare from apps market on your Mac and iOS device.Once you have installed it, double click on it and open it.
  • As file transfer will take place through wifi so connect your Mac and iOS device with the same network.

tranfer files between iphone, ipad and mac wirelessly

  • When you will open Movieshare on your Mac so you will see all the iOS devices which are connected with the same network.
  • Simple drag and drop video file on your iOS device. It will not ask for permission and will automatically copy that video file onto your iOS deivce. Which once completely transfered can be saved to camera roll.