force close iphone app

Smart phones are the smart version of our PC's and laptops. They are with us every time and because of them we can easily do whatever we want anywhere anytime. Though they are most effective and very apprehensive. As they work like PC's they also shows problems like those of PC’s.

Apple smartphones and smart devices also hangs down and troubleshoot like PC’s. The are just like computer in small size or you can say all the things in one small package. You can use web browsing, play games, watch movies use social media  everything that you do on your pc.

For every work there are millions of apps and without apps iphone and ipad are just like a home with its residents. Sometimes these apps becomes unresponsive and we have to hard reboot our apple device in order to force close those apps. But there is an another instant way which is quite simple and which can save much time as well.

Here is quick review on that process just follow these steps.

1: First of all you need to confirm that app is completely unresponsive or not and it cannot be closed by single press of home button or double press of home button or by selecting another app from multitasking switcher.

2: If above ways doesn't work than it is confirmed that app is not responding and it has became unresponsive, now press power button on the top of iphone/ipad and hold it until slide to power off displays on screen with red lock button.

Force close iphone app

4: When slide to power off with red lock button appears, immediately press the and hold the home button and leave the power button.

force close iphone app

5: Keep holding home button like this and after sometime that unresponsive app will close down and you will return back on home where everything will be normal.  

iphone 4 homescreen