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How to change the Look of Windows 8 to old Windows 7 Desktop with power 8 software

The UI of the latest Windows 8 is very different as Microsoft has taken initiative to take the UI to a whole new level where user -to -machine experience is made simpler and more interactive. However there are changes that some of the users did not like. For example there is a start menu in new Windows 8.It has been replaced by Start Orb. The users have given mixed reviews on this very dynamic and courageous change.  Some have declared it a futuristic step whereas others call it over complicated and weird.  So the software developers have come with a third party app which allows you to put the Start Orb back on the desktop and it gives the feel of the previous start menu of windows 7. There are apps like Start8 and Power 8 which opens the Start Orb in the Metro Style Startup which makes various tasks easy and feasible for the users. All they do is basically put the Start Menu back on the desktop.

The previous apps who did the same function had a problem. Once the Start Orb/Start Menu was installed, whenever you take the pointer to the lower left corner of the screen, a very annoying switch list pops up. So users had to use the pointer very carefully to avoid any wrong clicks when you are trying to access the Start Menu so that the Menu doesn't go away. So the latest apps like Power 8 has solved this problem and it has provided you with a built in option to turn off the metro features. So the users can breathe a sigh of relief and can have a more convenient Windows 8 experience.

POWER 8 App installation and working

The Windows  Smart Screen would pop up when you initiate the installation process. Here you have to click on the "Run away" option in order to continue the initialization.

Once the installation is complete, an arrow will point towards the newly added start menu button. Just a heads up. The icon is different than windows 7.

Once you click on the start menu, the good old fashioned start menu will pop up. Although it's not a Xerox copy of the Windows 7 start menu but it looks pretty much like it. There are two panes on the start menu. One will show the recently installed apps and search button. You will also have the option to pin down apps just like windows 7 start up bar.  The right pane includes menus for Computer, Libraries, Control Panel, Network,  shortcut for Run dialog box, and Power shortcuts for Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Log Off, Screensaver and Lock computer.


You can also "right click" the start menu to turn on the "auto start" option and check for updates etc. If you select the Block Metro Feature, the switch list and charm bar would automatically be disabled.


Power8  works on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Here is the link for the power8 app download file.

Download Classic Starter Software From Here