Crysis 3 is the first person shooter game which was released by Electronic Arts on 19th February 2013 on Xbox 360, PS 3 and PC. This game was among the most awaited and appreciated games of 2013. This game was developed by Crytek studios.

This is the third installment of the Far Cry series. In this installment you will carry on with the same Prophet’s character which move’s up with a bunch of soldiers to a hunt. But as game advance and the hunt goes on, the soldier’s loose their interest in that hunt and as a result they  start to get killed one after one.

As a result they thought that all the Celphs has been destroyed, but Prophet never believes anything like that. He continues his search until he finds what he wanted to.

As a game has been released and people are using it, they are facing some problem. Among those one is of language problem. They user’s said that they want to change the language of the game from (default) Russian language to English or any other language. If you are also facing this problem then just follow the following simple steps to change the language.

  • Once the directory where you have installed Crysis 3. ( Most probably it’s C > Program Files but in case you have changed it during the process of installation then open that where you have installed it )
  • Once you have opened that directory, find the game folder in there and open it.
  • Once you will open that game folder you will see system.cfg file there.
  • Open that file in notepad.
  • Scroll down to end of the written text there and at the last lines find language>Russian and change it to English( Or any of your desired language)
  • Now save it and exit it.

Once you have done that re launch your game and you will find that the language will be changed as per your desires.