If you want to know when someone is typing an iMessage anywhere in iOS without opening the message app then there is a cydia tweak for you than can help you in that. This tweek help’s you to see when someone is typing a txt message without the message being opened.

It’s just same like “now typing” bubble, when you are using Facebook chat, fiber , what’s app messanger on anything like that, you get’s a bubble that indicates that the other person is typing a message. But in those apps you have to open the conversation to know that but the help of this new tweek you can get to know if anyone is typing a text for you without open the messages or the conversation.

HASHBANG Productions just released a tweek named “TypeStatus”. By using this tweek you will get a bubble like the sign on the status bar which helps to see that someone is typing a message for you. You can have the feature even in the locksreen mode, home screen or in any sort of app on the status bar.

The exciting feature of this tweek is that you don’t have to set any sort of settings. All you need is to download and install this. This tweek is very user friendly beside un-installing it you will get a disable option by using that you can enable or disable it anytime.

Well, if you really want to get the benefit of knowing that someone is typing a text then just grab your idevice and download this tweek. This tweek is compatible with device running on iOS 6 or iOS 5. If you have an idevice that is jailbroken and it’s running on the iOS 5 or 6 than download this app from the link given below.

Download Now

Please do let us know about your reviews about this app. If you face any sort of problem or you have any sort of query do let us know in the comments.