Watch the Newly Released Trailer of Gun Bros 2. The Game is expected to Arrive in Appstore and Android Store Soon.
Good news for Gun bros fans The GLU has prepared the sequel of Gun Bros. The Gun Bros 2 is going to hit Android and Apps Store pretty soon. It is not a rumor as it has been confirmed by the developers of the game. The sequel is gonna be same as the first one but a lot better and full of new experiences. Don't believe my word watch trailer for yourself then and as the trailer show that Gun Bros 2 consist mainly of shooting, shooting, and more shooting.
Gun Bros 2
Can't tell about you but I am very excited and waiting for it to be released, Because i like playing games on my mobile and Tablets and Gun bros is one of my favorite games. The first release of Gun Bros was very popular. Download stats were spiking. It was liked for its waves of enemies, action-packed stages, and support for cooperative multiplayer. 

The trailer is all we got so far nothing else is confirmed yet but by watch the trailer we can make up our own expectations, and we expect to see broad range of better and cooler weapons as well as new and more deadly and dreadfull  enemies. On top of everything we expect Gun Bros 2 to be free of cost like first Gun Bros with many in-app purchases. Anyway it does look awesome in the trailer I just wanna get my hand on Gun Bros 2 and play it all done long.

However, Gun Bros 2 release date is not out yet it is still kept a secret but we can anticipate that it is come out any day now. Stay tuned to iTechbook, We will let you know as soon as Gun Bros gets released or we have any other news regarding it.

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