Free download Gta vice for iphone,ipad,ipod

Gta Vice City For iPhone iPad and iPod Download now

Rockstar is one of the well renowned and quite famous gaming company among people of every age group because of its various hot gaming titles. Every of their game is a blockbuster and people anxiously wait for their release. Rockstar had recently released Gta Vice city for iphone,ipad and ipod touch recently.

As people are very busy in the present world so they don't have much time to use their laptop’s, pc’s and consoles as a result for their gaming companies are trying to develop mobile versions of their gaming titles. Like other companies rockstar games has also started developing smart phone versions of their games for Apple products.

gta vice city for iphone,ipad,ipod

Gta Vice City which was known for bringing revolution in Rockstar’s history. This game is counted among the super hot games in the gaming history and Rockstar came into business because of this game. Vice City was responsible for uplifting Rockstar and through this game they come in gaming industry and after it they begin to rises up and up with the release of every of their Grand theft auto game title one after another.

gta vice city for ipad

Gta 3 was first title of Grand theft auto series which they had developed for Apple device and they had recently released Gta vice city for Iphone ipod touch and ipad.

Gta Vice city for iphone,ipad,ipod

Gta vice city for iphone,ipad and ipod touch comes with many exotic features there are more than 120 cars and 40 + weapons to choose from which provides an entirely different gameplay into which you can found yourself completely emerged.

Compatibility of Gta Vice City

  • iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS
  • iPod touch 4G and 5G
  • iPad

Game Size

  • 1021MB

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