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How to Manage Google Chrome’s Memory Efficiently Using The Great Suspender

Google Chrome has been a favorite amongst the web surfers since its launch. Many people have shifted themselves to Google Chrome from other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer and opera etc. Majority of people suffer from slow response of their respective web browsers and same is the case with Google Chrome users. Google chrome ...
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Google+ surpasses Twitter to become the world’s second most popular social networking website

Google+ is turning out to be a huge success. It is the latest addition to the online social network club. And now it has overtaken Twitter to become second most popular social networking website, next to only Facebook.According to Global Web Index, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the most used social platforms for networking. Interestingly, ...
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Top 5 Apps in US Are of Google

Top 5 Apps in US Are of Google, Which are Google Maps, Google Play, Google Search, Gmail and YouTube with millions of Visitors   According to the recent published data and statistics the top ten mobile apps in the U.S. for the month of December are owned by Google. These ranking is conducted on the basis of ...
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