Sony Inc. is all geared up for releasing the latest version of its play station called the PS4 or Orbis. Recently a person who claims to be a former senior manager for Sony Play station has shown serious concerns regarding the device. He calls out the Senior Executive Management of Sony “extremely clueless” and has explicitly said that he doesn’t trust Sony’s new PlayStation 4 and doesn’t think it would sell very well.

The former employee has stressed that Sony desperately needs to improve on the marketing skills and “regain their focus.” It should focus on the core gamer. He believes that the PS4 or “The Orbis” won’t sell well as it doesn’t appeal to the casual audience. He believes that Sony needs to start investing top dollar in high margin areas and not casual games. The Glassdoor review looks like this:

It is unclear whether Glassdoor is going to verify this employee’s review or not. As far as Sony is concerned, if they are focusing on its core games, they should be alright as this is what most people and casual gamers want. Sony needs to keep the exclusives coming out on regular basis. PlayStation 4 promises to be a very strong platform for gamers and its okay if the casuals are overlooked for a while. Sony should look at Nintendo’s business plan on how they sell banking on their non-gamer friendly games and ease of hardware use.

The million dollar question for Sony right now is how to make the Orbit more and more successful and how to make it sweep the market once it is released. They should also consider the options to whether to ignore casual games market or to maintain a mix of both casual and exclusive games. The latter option seems more viable at the moment. Let’s see what kind of strategy has Sony in store for us.