Question : Hi, Paul here. I have Xbox 360 Slim with 4Gb memory whenever I insert GTA 5 disk in my Xbox 360 it shows the error “No Free Space In Storage” and the game doesn’t start. Why it is so ? I have tried to play a couple of GTA 5 other dvds than mine but the same error persists there. What should I do ? Kindly guide me about the fix of this problem.

Answer : Thanks For Asking. Paul, GTA 5 needs at least 12 to 13 GB of free space to install its system files. GTA 5 needs this space even if you are not installing it to your hard drive and playing directly from the DVD. There are 2 ways to sort this problem out.

  1. Buy a new Xbox 360 hard drive of at least 20 GB.
  2. Use a 16 GB 3.0 Flash drive or portable hard with your Xbox 360.

Once GTA 5 finds enough space to install its files it will run automatically. In case if you have any sort of more queries just feel free to ask, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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