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Which is the Quickest to Earn Money on Facebook – “Sponsored stories Settlement”

  Which is the Easiest to Earn Money on Facebook ? The answer is social network's 'Sponsored Stories' settlement which is of $20 million. On the Weekend Facebook users received email notices about how they can earn money from the social network's 'Sponsored Stories' settlement which is of $20 million.   Did not understand what it is, Let ...
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Google+ surpasses Twitter to become the world’s second most popular social networking website

Google+ is turning out to be a huge success. It is the latest addition to the online social network club. And now it has overtaken Twitter to become second most popular social networking website, next to only Facebook.According to Global Web Index, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are the most used social platforms for networking. Interestingly, ...
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Facebook Charge Users $100 To Message Mark Zuckerberg

As we know, Facebook previously started charging it’s users to send Message to anonymous people who are not in their friends’ list for $1. This indicates that Facebook is eager to increase it’s revenue stream but I guess this wasn’t enough for the company. yesterday, Mashable found that if you try to send Founder and CEO ...
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Facebook Is Hosting A Special Event On 15 January

Facebook is hosting a special event which gonna take place on 15 January. There will be something very special which will be coming says reports. Facebook is a social networking site which was launched on February 2004. Within very short time this site has beaten the records of success of every other site. According to stats Facebook has at ...
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