There has been a big problem with on cloud services  The Evernote as it’s been attacked by the  hackers. Today, The Evernote storing service confirmed that they have detected “suspicious activity” on the network.  However Evernote claims that the intruders were able to get their hands account details, including usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords.


The Official announcement also stated that User’s Account passwords are still protected, They are keeping them safe with one-way encryption Process, This process involves salting a password first and then hashing it to make decryption extremely difficult. The statement also added that no User’s content neither stored notes nor pictures or payment information had been compromised All data are safe no one has to be doing anything about it as everything is under control now but still our suggestion would be to change your password just in case. And precaution is always better then cure then why not make sure that out accounts information is secure but changing password and making old one useless. But Company is sitting on it words that Hackers only got to email addresses, and were stopped before they could have gotten their hands on anything  anything valuable.


Although we are not saying that company isn’t doing anything as it is heard that Company is taking some pretty extreme precautions  such as initiating a reset of all user passwords and releasing an app update to streamline this process.  And this updated version is said to have more security and once you have installed or updated the app and synced,  The app will auto post a notification regarding authentication error. All you have to do it open the application and follow the instructions as it will ask you to change your password to a new one and once your Evernote password is changed, you will be able to use it as you were using it before it will re-authenticate and resume syncing.


Here are the download Links for the new Updated Evernote App.

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