It has been confirmed, in fact it is a bad news that iOS 6.1.3 beta is not compatible with evasion jailbreak. Technically speaking evasion development teams has not yet created a patch that will allow jail breaking of iOS 6.1.3 beta version.


David Wang aka of planetbeing has revealed this news. He Spoke with Forbes’ Andy Greenberg which exactly states as:

“  Wang tells me that he’s analyzed the 6.1.3 beta 2 update and found that it patches at least one of the five bugs the jailbreak exploits, namely a flaw in the operating system’s time zone settings. The beta update likely signals the end of using evasi0n to hack new or updated devices after the update is released to users, says Wang, who says he’s still testing the patch to see which other vulnerabilities exploited by the jailbreak might no longer exist in the new operating system.

If one of the vulnerabilities doesn’t work, evasi0n doesn’t work,” he says. “We could replace that part with a different vulnerability, but [Apple] will probably fix most if not all of the bugs we’ve used when 6.1.3 comes out.”

It was also assumed earlier that Apple will not fix the lacking in current version until they are ready to launch iOS 7, but after the increasingly jailbreaking in earlier days will definitely force Apple to ponder over the lacking far before than the release of iOS 7.

“    Security researchers have nonetheless pointed out that Evasi0n could give criminals or spies some nasty ideas. The tool uses five distinct bugs in iOS, all of which might be appropriated and combined with other techniques for malicious ends. And F-Secure researcher Mikko Hypponen points out that if a hacker used a Mac or Windows exploit to compromise a user’s PC, he or she could simply wait for the target to plug in an iPhone or iPad and use evasi0n to take over that device as well.

 More likely, perhaps, is a scenario described by German iPhone security researcher Stefan Esser. He argues that a hacker could use a secret exploit to gain access to an iPhone or iPad and then install evasi0n, using the jailbreaking tool to hide his or her tracks and keep the secret exploit technique undiscovered by Apple and unpatched. “That way they protect their investment and leave no exploit code that could be analyzed for origin,” Esser wrote on Twitter.


We will definitely come across the fixation of the errors generated by evasion in coming days but it is still a question that how long it will take.