A topography view on a map, empowered by Google Maps generally allows you to see more detail images regarding the environment, able to see the shape and physical features of the terrain in 3D.

In normal Google Maps the topographic view has been made invisible for users. Jailbreak developers for iPhone or iPads had sneak into the Google maps development code and found a way to make the topographic view visible.

Note that before you go into the procedure your iPhone device is jail broken.

Let’s see quickly how to enable the topography mode :

Step 1: Launch Cydia.

Step 2: Select the Manage tab from the tab bar.

Step 3:Select the Sources option. It will display all the installed sources.

Step 4: Select the Edit button before selecting Add.

Step 5: Add http://rpetri.ch/repo/ in the popup box before then hit Add Source button.

Step 6: Wait the source to finish loading. Then select the Search option and type Topography.

Step 7: After the search of topography source is done. You will see a package named Topography for Google Maps.

Step 8: Select the package and install it like you do for Cydia packages for your iPhone or iPad.

After the installation reboot your device and you will find the additional topography mode option on your Google Maps App.