Firefox 18 for linux, mac, windows

Firefox has been the hot favorite browser beside Google chrome and IE. A massive number of users use it. Mozilla had just released the latest update of Firefox. You can now download Mozilla Firefox 18 for windows 8/7, Mac and Linux.

Firefox is an open source web browser which was developed by the Mozilla Co operation for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. By the recent news, it has been seen that Firefox has over more than 450 Million users. While the Firefox got its main success in Indonesia, Germany and Poland. Where entirely every internet user tends to use it.

mozilla firefox logo

As the competition has been raised to a great degree so Mozilla has to keep Firefox updated. Just now Mozilla has released final 18th version of Firefox for its windows, mac and Linux users. This new update comes up with many new exciting and brilliant features. Which will provide you with much more enhanced degree of performance.

Download firefox 18 for windows 8, mac , linux

As you will open up the official Download page on Mozilla’s site. It will automatically detect your OS and its respective Firefox update and will download it automatically and once it’s completed it will install its new update.

For mac users Firefox 18 is incredible because it provides fantastic performance on 2560 x 1600 resolution. They no longer need to use Safari, they can now have many crisping features on Firefox as well.

Firefox 18 also provides better Java script performance. Beside this Java script enhanced performance Firefox 18 also provides better image quality because of better HTML decoding. Beside all this there are a lot of new features that are awaiting for you. So, it doesn’t matter which OS you are using just have a look at this new update of Firefox to enjoy its new features.

Lets us know about your review’s about this new firefox update.