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Here comes the moment for which every iDevice user was waiting for. The world’s most advanced operating system (iOS 6) has been officially released by the Apple.

Before that Apple had released 4 beta versions of the iOS 6, all of these are just for developers, as they can test their app on iOS 6 and make them compatible with it.

iOS 6 firstly announced by Apple during WWDC 2012, on 11th of June. Apple has stunned the audience by announcing that iOS 6 have over 200 amazing new features. We will cover some of these features after a jump.

iOS 6  features brief Details:

First of all, let’s start with Siri, now it’s better, it’s faster and more accurate than ever before. Siri turns out to be a slogan of success for Apple, because you know that iPhone 4S look like, Apple’s previous version of the iPhone, which is iPhone 4. In the beginning many didn’t like it, but when Apple demonstrated Siri feature, people went to love it, that’s why Siri key role in the sale of iPhone 4S. Now in iOS 6 Apple not only enhanced the performance of Siri, but also increases its language arena. Now Siri is available in Italian as well.

In iOS 5 Apple has integrated Twitter, now with iOS 6 Apple take some steps forward by integrating another most popular social network Facebook into iOS 6 along with twitter. Now you can easily set your status from anywhere in your iOS device, can share pictures easily and quickly. Now you can like Apps in App Store and can see what kind of apps your friends like in the App Store. You can also enjoy all new user interface of the App Store in iOS 6.

Last but not least, Apple has officially ditched Google two amazing products one is Apple has removed the YouTube built-in app from the iOS 6, also Google Maps disappeared from the scene and Apple’s introduced their own 3D Maps. The new Maps application in iOS 6 looks brilliantly designed, along with new 3D map design Apple has also introduced Turn-By-Turn navigation. There are over 196 features which explore by downloading final official version of iOS 6. You will get Downloading Links after a jump.

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Devices Supported by iOS 6

According to Apple, the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPod touch 4th Gen will all run iOS 6.

ios 6 supported devices

Download iOS 6 Firmware: