Are you one of those who had a great thing going on in their A5 Chip iPhone or iPad but then along came iOS6 and you updated to iOS 6.X without taking doing any math? Well, if yes , then i can most certainly share your feeling as I did the same and now I am stuck at a non-jailbroken version of iOS for which Jailbreak is yet to come. However i see a hope here too if I am able to even downgrade to my old iOS the 5.1 I would do that, I then i wouldn’t have to worry about the release dates of iOS 6 jailbreak or anything.


According to the Winocm’s tweet he was working on a method for downgrading from iOS 6 to 5.1.1 which will be useful on all devices. All devices mean all A5+ devices are included. its is worth mentioning because downgrading from iOS 5 to 5.1 on A5+ devices is either very difficult, for instance in the iPad 2, or impossible via Redsn0w if Apple stops signing the iOS 5 firmware.


iOS 6 firmware downgrade which will work with A5+ processors is a great news for all those who have been desperately waiting for the jailbreak to be released for iOS6. Even if you are just a user not a developer who would think that iOS 6 is a dud,  Winocm’s hack may keep users from getting stuck on a non-jailbroken firmware and waiting  for such a long time for its jailbreak to come out in the future.

Winocm is famous for Play Station 3 firmware hacking also contributory work in  tweaks like CameraConnector to Cydia under the name ‘rms’. Winocm is currently working on many different sets of projects. A day before he tweeted about his all devices downgrade project, he had shared a video in which linux booted up on an iPhone 4. that was pretty impressive.
The downgrade of iOS 6.X to 5.1.1 shall carry the SHSH blob requirement as usual. but one thing to be noticed that you would not be able to go back to iOS 5.1.1 if you only have saved SHSH blobs from the firmware that was installed at the factory or through OTA updates. SHSH blobs can be saved in TinyUmbrella and whenever you boot up Cydia on a jailbroken device they are automatically saved. SO, keep that in mind.

Leave comments and let us know what do you think about it , should we wait for iOS6 Jailbreak of downgrade to 5.1 if we could?