Downgrade Windows 8 Pro TO Windows 7 – How To Guide. The process is very easy just like installing a copy of Windows. Fulfill the requirements and downgrade windows.

Microsoft has different options regarding Windows 8 when we talk about licensing. Windows is a closed-source OS. When we are using Windows it means that we bought the license to use Windows. It does not mean that we have bought Operating System. Microsoft took different steps to make Windows 8 more popular. Microsoft made Windows 8 available at very low price If compared with previous versions. Microsoft had to use DVD playback capability in Windows 8 because the Patent Holder of MPEG-2/4 charges $2 per copy. Microsoft has to reduce its cost to achieve its pricing point.


All of the licensing choices do not affect the users in negative way. One of the positive choice was Windows Downgrade rights. If you bought a PC that has already installed windows 8 in it, Then you can downgrade it to

  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows Vista Business

You can easily downgrade without any extra cost.

Downgrade without additional Cost has many benefits that is more visible in an organizational setup. For instance Your organization bought a new laptop having pre-installed Windows 8 pro but the organization is using Windows 7. A downgrade in such condition would be more feasible and will help in smooth flow of Organization. You can upgrade it again when your Organization plans to switch it.

There are some requirements that must be fulfilled in order to have downgrade.

  1. Machine must have OEM Version of Windows 8 pro (Preinstalled with the Computer)
  2. You must have Windows 7 activation Key to complete the Downgrade.

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, then the process becomes very easy just like inserting Windows 7 disc in the drive of your computer. You just have to follow the simple instructions. When you are asked about the Product Key, provide it. But if the Product Key is already activated then you will not be able to complete your Downgrade. In such circumstances you will get a Activation Support Phone Number where you can call and ask for the Downgrade.

If you have met all the requirements then the remaining process is bit easy. It is not different from installing a copy of Windows, So you can easily downgrade it if you are eligible for Downgrade.