Recently, a bug has been reported which is now considered to be the cause of crashing in certain apps in your Mac. You can crash any of the app beside Chrome, Firefox, Tweetdeck, Textedit, Safari.

This bug is effective in OS X, though Snow Leopard and Lion OS are not affected by this. This can reporduce itself quite quickly once the the required phrase has been written. That’s why this is quite effective in those apps where you can write text. Well, you may say why we haven’t wrote that phrase, its reason is that if we have written that here. You browser would have crashed uptill now.

So we have inserted the pic of that below in the post. Have a look at this. And if you don’t believe try it your self.

Ain’t it quite interesting that by writing a simple phrase you can crash any app on your MAC. Well we hope that Apple will be looking forward  to fix this bug problem in the upcoming update of OS X.