ComScore Released the Statistics Representing the Top Visited Apps of 2012 Facebook is on the top of the list 85,574,000 unique visitors

Yeah, yeah, yeah! We haven't seen a chart dominated by one group or corporation since the Beatles monopolized the U.S. record charts back in 1964 but now Google is responsible for five of the top six mobile apps in the United States as Facebook was the only non-Google app to crack the listcheck out the top ten to see if your fave app made the cut.

Apple's war with Google over maps helped Facebook slide into the No. 1 spot for mobile apps in the U.S. according to numbers released by ComScore today. The social network's app, which had 85,574,000 unique visitors in December overtook the Google Maps app after September which as ComScore notes coincides with Apple removing Google Maps from iOS 6. But Google may make a comeback now that its new and popular Maps app for iOS 6 is available.

ComScore VP of Industry Analysis Andrew Lipsman writes in a blog post that Apple's Google Maps lockout was largely responsible for the position swap and that the mapping app has been clawing its way back the past few months after getting reinstated on iOS 6. Google still claimed five of the top six U.S. mobile apps at the end of 2012. Google Maps came in second to Facebook at 74,631,000 users followed by Google Play.