The ability to customize your iPhone carrier logo has been one of the advantages to jail breaking. Without jail breaking it was not possible. You would have to jailbreak first your iPhone or iPad device then make any of your personal or custom changes.

That is until now. Developers have created a new Mac application called CarrierEditor that allows you to quickly and easily change the carrier logo on almost any iPhone.


The procedure is a very simple one and any one can do it on his iPhone or iPad device. Let us see how it can be done.

Simply download the app, tell it which carrier version your iPhone is running, and then browse the image files that you’d love your new carrier logo to be. The app then puts together a new carrier settings file, which you can quickly send to your iPhone via iTunes.

Note that not all iPhone or iPad carriers are supported but they are just a few. As long as your carrier is supported, however, you can use CarrierEditor, regardless of which iPhone you have. It even works on iPhone 5.