Modern day Smartphone’s offer a no of features to the user’s beside basic feature of a cell phone. Like other Smartphone’s Apple’s Smartphones and Smart devices like the iPhone and iPad proves to be very useful for every sort of person.

They are also useful for medical students , nurses, health care worker,professional doctor’s and sort person related to them. Now a days a no of app are present than can help them to sort out their every query can question. Well, if you can spend some money that can give you a promising output than it’s not bad in any way.

There are some apps which every device user must have if he or she is related to the Medical field.

  • Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas 2

This app comes off with many exciting and charming features regarding the subject of Anatomy. It is the world best selling medical app for iPhone and iPad. This app offers over 3,400 structures which you can study in both males and female sexes. This app has a price of $34.99 and a file size of 269 MB.

To download this app click here.

  • Drugs & Medications by Kavapoint LLC


This app is one of the best medical app’s which provides the extensive knowledge of medicine with multiple features that entirely increases its ease of use. It tells you in depth about the drugs like drug’s ingredients, company name etc. Beside this this app also helps to in online assistance of various drugs. This app cost’s you only 0.99 $

To download this app click here.

  • Dorland’s Medical Dictionary


Well, this is something which everyone of us should have in our idevice’s. It is one the most useful medical apps. Because every day we come across a no of terms with whom we are not familiar, so this is something which can really help us in getting familiar with them. There are more than 40,000 words with descriptions which are related with the medical world. This app costs you only 19.99 $.

To download this app click here.

  • Medscape from WebMD


It is one of the leading medical resource sites by the world. It being used by a large no of physicians , medical students, nurses and health care worker because of the new research techniques and modes of treatment which they share with their users. This app is totally free and recommend you that you should have this because you can find the answer of no of your question’s there.

To download this app click here.

  • Infectious Disease Compendium: A Persiflager’s Guide

If you are not familiar with the pathology of certain infectious diseases well then this is something which can really help to sort that stuff out. This app provides you with the extensive knowledge about the organisms responsible for those diseases and which antibiotic treatment can be helpful so sort out that disease.

To download this app click here.

  • ECG Guide By QxMD

Around us in every 6 to 7 persons  one to two have got heart problems and in patients like those ECG is the first thing which we do when they are not well. And to be a great medical technician or consultant we should have a thorough knowledge of every aspect of ECG. This app is now on sale with a discounted price of only 0.99 $

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