cheap iPhone 5

Apple lovers try to immediately buy new apple products once they are launched. But because of some price problem sometimes they couldn’t buy them despite having a great urge.

Apple had launched their iPhone 5 in 2012 after 4S. There was a huge price difference between 4S and iPhone 5. A large number of people tried but they were not able to buy it. Price of iPhone came down as time passed but still it is quite costly.

Users can buy a smart phone with all similar features as those of iPhone 5 within half price as that of iPhone 5. Price difference is effecting Apple a lot. And as the competition has been rising day after day so Apple is planning to make such a new iPhone which will be cheaper and it will come in everybody’s range as well.

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The Wall Street Journal says "Apple is preparing to launch a new, cheaper iPhone sometime in 2013." But according to new reports it has been seen that Apple is making a new iPhone that will have the body of just iPhone 5 but it will have the hardware or features of iPhone 4.

cheap iPhone 5

Likewise you can say that indirectly you will have iPhone 4 in shape of iPhone 5. Apparently it will look just like iPhone 5 but internally it will be just as iPhone 4. So Apple is trying to make such a phone that will provide users the appearance of iPhone 5 with the price money of iPhone 4. Later on this year apple will also launch new model of original iPhone as well.