Apple has taken the initiative and surprised us yet-again by announcing their intention to hold a one day long event on January 25th on the eve of Chinese New year 2013. The event is in celebration of the Chinese New Year and as such will only be applicable to residents of certain countries within Asia.

People of countries around the world have already had their chance to take advantage of some amazing deals from Apple when the company was holding their Black Friday reductions in physical and online retail stores. The Chinese New Year shopping event can be thought of the same way as the annual Black Friday sales, with Apple promising price drops on a number of great gift ideas as well as offering free shipping for all orders.

Despite the fact, "Red Friday" sale will not be available in all countries around the globe but it can certainly be enjoyed by those who are looking forward to the Chinese New Year. People living in China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong will all be able to browse through the Apple Online Store on Friday to pick up the Apple goods at the reduced price.

The reduced prices that will be offered are purely limited to the stock by Apple; this means that when it is gone. The Apple store will also carry additional information about the quantities which each consumer can purchase of each item.

It is yet to come that  what products Apple will be offering as part of the sale, or what level of discount will be applied to each item, but it’s definitely a positive sign to see the Cupertino based company recognizing different celebration periods from around the world and rewarding residents with these types of sales. If you plan on taking advantage of the sale and live in one of the eligible countries then make sure to get in early.