Download Apple Apps For Android like Garageband , iPhoto for Android, iMovie for Android, Keynote ,Numbers and Pages From Google Play Store. Question is whether these app are Real or Fake ? Some apps present on Google play store likeiMovie, iPhoto, Keynote and Numbers appears to be fake because Apple has not yet announced about the legitimacy of these apps.

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There are some apps from “Apple Inc” on the Google play store or Android play store. It seems like Apple released these apps for android which is less likely to happen. This could have been a very heavy deal for them.

The six apps that can be seen on android play store are mentioned below.

  1. Apple’s Garageband for Android
  2. iPhoto for Android
  3. iMovie for Android
  4. Keynote for Android
  5. Numbers for Android
  6. Pages for Android

Everyone is in the state of shock. They really want to know the legitimacy of these apps. They are curious to know how genuine these apps are! The main thing that should be told is that these apps costs similar to the original versions on the iOS Appstore for iPhone. It seems that some of the users have already paid for these apps. But i think we should wait for sometime until Apple confirms it.

If these apps are genuine then this could be very interesting and enjoyable for android users. All android users can take benefit from these apps and can enjoy also. Android users can avail all apps like iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers and Pages. Through iPhoto users can edit their photos and through iMovie users can easily make video movies and can edit as well. But all depends that apps are real or fake.

Question is that if these apps are real then there must be a press release by Apple. But this thing did not happen yet that caused frustration among the android users. The users that have already paid for apps are feeling unsecure. Everyone off course does not want to be a part of fake activity that is the reason everyone is conscious about this matter.

Our expert opinion about this matter is that these apps looks fake copies because Apple in unlikely to release these apps for Android. We as an expertise can smell this fake activity but it is not easy for Android play users to smell this bad activity. So all of us should show some patience and wait for the right time.