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Why the iPhone Tops Trumps over Android Devices

With Android phones becoming more popular all the time, if you're looking for a new Smartphone you might think the answer is obvious. But don't write off Apple's iconic iPhone just yet as there are still a number of areas where the iPhone remains head and shoulders above its latest competitors. The Best Apps! The iPhone was ...
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How to Watch WWE WrestleMania 29 PPV Live On iPhone, iPad, Android,

World Wrestling Entertainment has grown and evolved itself to become one of the leading franchise of the American entertainment industry. Started on a small scale by Vincent McMahon, WWE is now the sole remaining major American professional wrestling franchise. WWE has gained this position after acquiring small enterprises like WCW etc. WWE universe ( as folks ...
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How To Try BlackBerry 10 OS On iPhone Or Android Device

BlackBerry is a Canadian telecommunication, wireless services, Smartphone and Tablet company. It was founded back in 1984 by Mike Lazaridis. At that time his aim was to introduce RAM mobile data to the people, which was something really new. At first it worked in collaboration with Ericsson. But after some time they started manufacturing and shipping ...
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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Vs HTC One

All, the eyes were on Samsung since after the launch of Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One. But as you know that iPhone and Galaxy S 4 are two different platforms. Samsung Galaxy S 4 will operate on Android OS while Apple iPhone 5 runs iOS. So if we talk only for Android, then we ...
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