Hello, as many of you already know installous is been down for many hours or if you don’t know that just open the installous App and it will shutdown right away giving some error, you can read detailed post about this here.However, it is kind of a shock to many users as installous was a great source foe many users to download free Apps and now it isn’t working anymore. However, all hopes are down yet as installous isn’t the only way to install cracked Apps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad.

There is an alternative to iTunes named iFunBox, used to transfer data from iPhone to your PC. The good news is it has option to install iOS ipa through it’s built-In tool. All you have to do is open iFunBox app on your PC, connect your iDevice to PC via USB cable click on the option on the top of the app saying ‘Install App’ which is highlighted below in the picture. A pop – up screen will appear saying to browse destination of app you want to install on your PC’s hard-drive, just select your desired ipa and iFunBox will install app on your iPhone.

The next issue left to cover is where to download ipa file as apptrackr.cd, official website of installous to download cracked apps is no longer accessible too. Well there is a simple solution to this issue. Most of the iOS cracked apps are available at many torrent websites. All you have to do is install a torrent client and download your desired app from any torrent website then install that ipa onto your iPhone via iFunBox.

Please Proceed here to check updated version of this post with more efficient ways.