Developers have been working on smartphone innovations and majorly they work on Android based devices. The core purpose for such developers is to minimize the built in limitations and dependencies of the user towards its software or hardware. This time with Samsung Galaxy S3, they have invented a way to charge the device wirelessly.


Today I will let you know how you may wirelessly charge your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Wireless charging is not much new to listen. Smartphone manufacturers have been providing accessories related to wireless charging but this time it is a method that you can make at home by your own. If this is to be done it will cost you in between $15-30.

Let us see how it is done.


Step 1: You have to pick a Palm Pixi charging case; this will include all of its required circuit.

Step 2: Gently peel of the black tape off the Palm Pixi case.

Step 3: Then gently remove the circuit, silver metallic tape, the coil and metal discs within the palm Pixi case.

Note: Keep safe the silver tape.

Step 4: Put the coil into your Samsung galaxy S3 battery cover upside down and then fold the L shaped flexible circuit board.